Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Image Transfer

I've been playing around with transferring images onto fabric and thought i would have another go at Image Maker. I have used it years ago but didn't really produce any good results. I have a friend who used it a lot while we were at uni so asked her for some advice. I'm not completely happy with the results. Considering they are selling it by saying you can transfer images onto t-shirts I wouldn't be too happy about putting my sample through the wash. It took me a couple of attempts to get the paper backing off and then the transfer is so delicate. This image is an old shot of time square which I decided to embellish as it was a complete experiment.

I have also had a go a applique. I do seem to have gathered lots of scraps of fabric and thought I would see if I could make use of them. I thought i would start with a simple design with a little text. The fabric I choose for the bird was felt which i love. Such a cozy texture and so easy to cut and play around with. I used some crinkly fabric for the wings which was a bit of a pain to cut and sew. I know i have some interfacing somewhere but will have to try that with the next sample. I have done lots of sewing of sorts in the past but I'm now remembering that all these different fabrics behave very differently. I'm quite happy with the results for an evening of sewing in front of the TV. I think the writing is even neater than my handwriting!

Here we have my love birds. I was having a think for designs as Valentines day is on the horizon. I have found my interfacing and it has made such a difference when cutting the design out of fabric. I am defiantly one for clean edges. It's such a simple design and works beautifully. I do love symmetry in a design.

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