Thursday, 19 March 2009

I love a pretty mini tea cup.

Just after I left University I moved in with a lovely girl called Gill. Gill and I shared this philosophy that a cup of tea will solve any problem that was troubling us which is a belief I still hold today. It was her birthday back in January and I decided to make her something tea related and wearable so that she could be reminded of this philosophy where ever she went. I saw this cute china dolls house tea cup and saucer and just had to turn them into a pendant. I'm quite sure my other friend might thought I was a little insane but I could tell she was quite touch. As soon as she put it on I knew I wanted one as well and I've only just got round to attaching the chain to the one for myself. However I'm now going to coordinate an outfit so I can wear it to work tomorrow.

1 comment:

urban craft said...

this is the cutest. I agree, a cup of tea can usually clear up anything. Thanks!

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