Monday, 20 April 2009

Proper kntting

Last year I got into knitting again. I wouldn't say I was a accomplished knitter but I try, scarfs and simple fingerless gloves have been about my limit. Knitting patterns are still quite a mystery to me so I decided it was about time I should learn. 
After my mothers day cream tea, I was having a joke with my housemate about how I was missing a tea cozy so a tea cozy became my next project.  I thought this would be the perfect pattern to start with as it hopefully wouldn't take me too long and I wont get too frustrated if it all goes wrong. If you look at the top picture I have made quite a good start and I haven't even dropped one stitch, Yeh!

This is also the first time I have knitted in this ribbed design. I keep getting myself a little tangled using two different balls of wool but I really like the was it looks
Even on the reverse side. It looks so neat!

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