Friday, 5 June 2009

Stenciled Doilies Trays



I recently moved to a new house where I don’t have a dining table. I unfortunately have to do the student thing of balancing my plate and eating off my lap. This is no good if you have a hot meal so it was time to invest in some trays. I went shopping and found trays are quite expensive, I bought a really pretty one and my housemate dropped it! Rubbish! However on one of my car boot trips I found a couple of trays for 20p each. Bargain, but they weren’t that nice so I thought great, a DIY project. I also recently inherited a whole box of vintage doilies which were so intricate and pretty so then I was thinking, great a pre cut stencil. I used enamel spray paint and attached the doilies using spray mount. A couple of coats of paint later, job done. The best thing was when my house mate saw them (she felt so guilty and had offered to buy me a new tray) she said ‘wow, those new trays are really nice where did you buy them from?’ Result.

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