Saturday, 20 June 2009

Elvis Lives!.............. Kind of!

I had a few cards to make recently so I decided to make them all in one go. They were all for different occasions and when I make cards I try to personalize them for each person. This made it slightly more difficult to think of different designs. However I think is the beauty of handmade cards. The first card I already had something in mind, my friend is a huge elvis fan. I decided to make a applique style elvis in silhouette using some of the left over fabric I had from the purse I made. I used bondaweb and Ironed it to the card. 

I always find making cards for boys a little harder, I find they are never really bother about receiving cards but you can't leave them out. This is my fathers day card. My dad used to work in the printing industry when it was all printing presses so I'm sure thats where i got my love of fonts from. I used a combination of two printing sets I have to make this very simple design.
This one really stumped me. I off to a wedding next week which coincidentally is on my birthday (a welcome distraction to getting older). This is a civil ceremony between a male gay couple. I've been working on a fantastic wedding present which I will hopefully finish this weekend but I decided to keep there card very simple and just print the date of the ceremony in my antique print set. I might have to do a little more to it as it does look a little dull.  This is the first wedding card i've made so that might be why I found this a little more difficult.

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