Monday, 29 August 2011

How too fresh flower bridal hair clips.

As I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago it's wedding season for me at the moment. This bank holiday weekend just gone I attend the lovely wedding of Amy and Paul. 
Amy asked me if I was able to help create real flower accessories for her wedding hair. I've made a couple of tiara for wedding previously but never with real flowers. 
The plan was to make a tiara but after a little experimentation we decided the flowers were too big and so we decided to attach the flowers to kirby clips. 
Here is a simple how too if you were looking for a simple way to add real flowers to you wedding hair style.
 You will need some real flowers, we used freesias, some fine florist wire and some kirby grips.
I pulled the flower off the stem but made sure a little of the stork was still attached, this will help support the flower as the petals are quite delicate. I then passed the florist wire through the flower and stork so it was third of the way through. 
I then wrapped the smaller length of the wire round the base of the flower so it was secure.
I then lined up the flower so the head was facing the top of the clip and used the rest of the wire to wrap around the top of the clip and the flower. You don't have to worry if it looks a little messy. This will be hidden when you place the clip into the up-do. Make sure all the wire is wrapped around with the end tucked in, you can use a small pair of pliers if it gets fiddly. That's it your done. 
I made 6 but it all depends on what look your going for. 

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