Thursday, 1 September 2011

My airplant hanging feature

I was given some lovely tea-light holders for my birthday from a friend whom knew I am a little obsessed with terrariums. She thought these would be great for making hanging terrariums. I had seen pictures of some very similar (See bellow) on other people's blog and a few on Etsy so knew what she was thinking. 
However, I feel I have explored and experimented with succulents enough in my current terrariums and felt it was time to try something different. I remember my parents having a couple of airplants when I was younger, I was alway intrigued as to how they survived with no soil so thought these would be perfect. My dad even kept one in his car for a while! 

So this was the plan, I wanted to have my new glass orbs in my bathroom with airplants in them, after a little googling I found a UK based company that specialised in airplants called what else but Just airplants. There was quite a selection on offer so I dropped them an email to ask which they thought would be suitable in a bathroom and they got straight back to me with a list of recommendations. My lovely new airplants have now been in my bathroom for a couple of weeks now and seem to be quite happy. I've only watered them by spraying them a couple of times since I've had them as they seem to get a slight steam bath every time I have a shower. Very low maintenance, I thinking this could be some Christmas presents sorted. 

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