Saturday, 1 October 2011

How to oxidise a silver chain

Last week I went for a little trip to Tewkesbury to explore and I came back with a little treat for myself. I went to Tewkesbury for lunch to celebrate my sister birthday back in May and I noticed they had a lot of vintage/ antique stores but most of them were closed as it was a Sunday. I'm sure I saw this pendant when I was there in May so when I saw it still there in the same shop I had to buy it. 
As you can see it seems to have oxidised quite a lot over time which I quite like but I didn't have a old chain to go with it so I thought I would age one myself by oxidising it. 
As you can see the shiny new chain doesn't really work with the vintage pendant. 
You will need: A sterling silver chain
                          Plastic Tweezers
                          Ammonium Hydrosulphide
                          Boiling water
                          Kitchen roll
                          Old mug or jar

I bought the Ammonium Hydrosulphide from HS Walsh. Boil the kettle and add about 1 part Ammonium Hydrosulphide to 9 parts water. You only need enough liquid to cover the item your oxidising. Wait about 10 minuets and you should be done. Take out the chain using thr tweezers and rinse under cold running water.
My chain came out a little too black for the look I was going for so I used a silver polishing cloth to take it back to the desired antique-y look I wanted.
 I've already had lots of comments on my new / old necklace. I glad I gave it a new home.

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