Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Old flames are dead matches

After I finished my cross stitched deer/stag I wanted to try stitching some text. This is s quote from a British poet / painter David Robilliard. When I was at University one for my coursemates has a postcard of his work with this written on it. I always found it quite funny but have never been able to find my own copy of that postcard. So I thought I would create an homage of that piece.

David Robilliard's work was very simple, he had no formal training but was discovered and promoted by the artists Gilbert and George. 

I've added this to my kitchen wall as I have a bit of a Red, white and Black theme going on in there. 

That framed image is a print I made from a print workshop I took part in quite a while ago. The writing is an old family recipe for yorkshire relish which is a bit like Worcestershire sauce. The recipe has been in my family for at least a couple of generations. I found the hand written recipe at the time of the workshop where we were learning how to do gum arabic printing using photocopies. Something I've never done since as it can be a little messy and you need a fair bit of space.

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