Monday, 28 July 2008

Can you tell what it is yet?

Now I think this is the most eccentric present I have made so far. It was my friend Lisa’s birthday and she had mentioned a while a go that while travelling she and her boyfriend had bought a Didgeridoo in Australia. When I last went to visit her she had mentioned when she bought it they had all been displayed sat in cut off tree trunks. When she said this I thought perfect I fancy a new crafting challenge and that’s what I got. My first task was to plain the top of the wood down smooth then chisel out a hole in the centre for the didgeridoo to sit in. I spent an afternoon covered in sawdust but just wasn’t getting much headway on craving the centre. So I had to see some technical assistance. This involved using a large drill bit and just breaking up the wood so it would be easier to carve. It worked. I did really enjoy this project but it was quite a physical one. I made a small plaque/ label out of copper tape and the oxidised it for a nice antique look. It’s not very exciting put the good news is she loved it and said I was very thoughtful. Mission accomplished.

Lisa also got engaged while in Australia and so I decided to make her a wedding planner as well. Lisa had started to look into venues and is thinking 2010 is the year so I hope this will help her keep all her research in order. I used a dull lined note book and covered it fabric. I then made bookmark dividers out of ribbon to divide the sections of what she needs to plan. I will post some photos of the detail a little later but here is the front cover for now.

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