Monday, 8 December 2008

My brothers Christmas Present

Well first things first I didn’t win the Folksy recycled Christmas decoration competition but I’m glad I took part. It was good fun trying to think of what to make.
This is my little bro’s Christmas present. (He doesn't know I have a blog so I don’t think this will ruin the surprise) He was given my granddad’s war medals when he passed away a couple of years ago and my brother has wanted to display them nicely some how for a while now. This is just a scanned image of the backing ground and the medals. I am presenting it in a black box frame so it has a 3D effect. The old newspaper and vintage flag I got from a local car boot. They are spray mounted onto the base of the frame and I think they really give it a vintage feel. I stitched the medals through the back of the frame so they were secure and so it didn’t damage them. I hope he likes it, he hasn’t noticed the medals are missing yet so hopefully it will be a lovely surprise. I am aiming to make all my presents this year and this is my first one. I hope I don’t run out of time!

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