Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Book of Good Needlework

I've strated to do a lot more textile work at the moment and remembered seeing a very old needlework book that used to belong to my gran. I though it might be worth having another look at. Even though I have done a contemporary textile degree I never really felt I had covered the basics. I only really played around with cross stich when i was younger which I find very controlled. So I thought I would see if i could learn some basic stiched which I could then experiment with. The book was very much aimed at the lady of the house but with some great information and illustrations.

Here is a mini sampler i did just having a go at Stem-Stitch, Back-Stitch, Outlined in Buttonhole-stitch, Chain-Stitch, Buttonhole-Ring Stitch and Satin-Stitch. It's not really much to look at at the moment but I'm trying to keep a record of every thing that I am trying so this blog is almost like my sketch book. I loved the designs where areas were cut out to make a lace like design which is something I'm going to try next. Techniques like this i feel don't date you just have to adapt the designs you use.

Here is a little russian doll brooch I made. It's quite small, I didn't realise how fidderly it was going to be but it has turned out quite well and very cute at 3.5cm high. I used acrylic felt which does seem to have malted a little bit but i do love felt for little projects like this.
I'm loving russian dolls at the moment and have also made a lino cut of one but don't have any printing ink yet to road test it. I will keep you posted.

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