Monday, 25 February 2008

Russian Doll,Matryoshka doll, Lino Printing, Mothers Day

As I said in an earlier post I had made a lino cut of a Russian doll. It has been years since I have done lino printing so I was a bit worried it would look as if a small child had done it. In some ways that does look like the case, but I do like the primitive simplicity of the design. Once I got my head round positive and negative space I was well away, and only managed to stab myself once which I think is an achievement for me. I never seem to learn.

As it is mothers day I thought I would try printing some cards. The only problem was I didn’t have any printing ink. I tried using black acrylic paint which kind of worked but the prints were coming out patchy. I had some PVA glue to hand and tried mixing that in with the Acrylic and it worked. I know I’ve probably committed some printing faux-par but with the amount of art materials I already own I’m sure I’ll be let off. I then thought I would embellish the print to add a little colour and make it a bit more mumzy by adding some flowers. I do think it’s quite sweet and might print some for my Etsy shop.

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