Thursday, 7 February 2008

January Birthdays

Well as I took the hand made pledge I have also decided to try and make all my birthday presents for friends and family this year. I have learnt the key to this is organisation and I'm very proud to say I managed to make two prezzys for close friends so far. The first was for a friend who got addicted to buttons when we both worked in a button shop in Cardiff, Wales. Apparently world famous but that is coming from the slightly eccentric owner! Any who, I made her a button necklace from antique mother of pearl buttons and pouch/ enverlope to keep it in.

I also have a love for buttons and have made quite a bit of jewellery from buttons. To go with the prezzy you obviously have to have a card and this was just a bit of fun and will make more sense to her that you.

For my other friend we both have an obsession with all things sparkly, Jewellery. I thought she might possibly have enough and came up with the idea of making her a Jewellery roll. I had never made one before so this was a learning process for me. I have taken photos of how i made it which i may include in a later post but here is what the finished article looked like. I have sewn on there I love jewellery and have included 6 pockets and a ring holder. I am very happy with how this has turned out and think i might make one for myself as well.

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