Friday, 22 February 2008

Resin, Envirotex Lite

This was another little project that I wanted to have a go at for quite a while and something I possibly translate within my jewellery making. I haven’t done any work before using resin but have seen some amazing pieces that have been commercially made and handmade. I love the idea of trapping things and making almost like permanent shrines. I did a bit of research on the net and didn’t find huge amount but did come across a website which has loads of art/craft related project and ideas you could try. The link is and it has a step by step guide to what you need and how to use this resin. You should defiantly check out the other projects as well on the site has been running for a couple of years and there seems to be new projects every month.

These are just my fist try and they are not perfect. I have used a range of materials like playing cards, old books, buttons, glitter and other random bits and pieces. Some of the papers I have used have gone a bit see through, you can still see the text but you can also see what is printed on the reverse. It’s quite interesting but something you can’t control. I did seem to mix far more resin than I needed, it does seem to stretch quite far. I do think there is a lot of potential within this process and defiantly something I’m going to play around with. It could defiantly do with a lot of refining. I think I’m going to turn these into drawing pins and a brooch but I have also seen them made into pendants. These were made from bottle tops but you can use anything with a little depth. I even tried a small shell.

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