Friday, 16 September 2011

Finished! You Tube is my new best friend.

Well I did it. I managed to finish my secret big project on time. I was making baby blankets for my older sister who is expecting twin babys. They haven't arrived yet but I hosted a baby shower for her on Sunday and so thought it would be nice to give them to her then. 
She was so surprised, I think the best part about giving homemade gifts is when you get to see someone open them. These blankets are my first proper crochet project and I have to say I now prefer crochet to knitting. I know I'm still a newby but I was taught to knit as a child and enjoyed it but got frustrated with all the counting. You still have to keep an eye on what your doing with crochet but there is a lot more repetition so I can easily watch a film and crochet at the same time without getting into a huge mess!
Baby boy's blanket
By sister is expecting a boy and a girl so I decided to go with strong jewel colours for the boy blanket and softer pinks, greens with a light blue for the girls.
Baby girl's blanket
As I said before I was taught to knit as a child but no one in my family knew how to crochet so I've been teaching myself using You tube videos. I learnt to crochet the basic granny square by watching videos by tjw1963. I was able to go as slowly as I liked and could pause and rewind if I didn't understand. I have learnt such a lot from you Tube that it's almost my go too website if I need to work something out. 
This is the you tube video I used to show me how to join my granny squares. There are many different methods but I liked how this looked and it was quick and easy to do.

My next crochet challenge is to have a go at crocheting circles, a friend has shown me before but they kept turning into cones! Practice makes perfect.

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