Thursday, 8 September 2011

How long do your projects take?

I am a little bit guilty of starting some projects and not actually finishing them. The problem starts when I realise how long said project is going to take. It always helps when there is a deadline, like if I'm making a birthday or Christmas present. I feel really bad if I give a present late as half the point of giving a gift is to show you are thinking of that person, if you give it late then you've lost some of that thoughtfulness. So the projects that usually have a prolonged finishing date are the one I make for myself which isn't so bad. I think I just need to consider when I start projects to bare in mind the man hours it will need.
My latest big-ish project I have been working on is now in a last stages and my deadline is Sunday! This is when my older sister is having a baby shower. She is expecting twins which doubled my gift idea but I have powered through and I can't wait to see her open her prezzy on Sunday.
She is expecting a boy and a girl which explains the wooly colour pallets above. This has been quite a challenge to keep a secret as she has popped by a couple of times and I have had to ban her from my living room for a couple of mins while I hide the evidence. I sure she thinks I've gone a little bit mad!
Once this project is over I can then get back to the patchwork quit I started about 1 and a half years ago!  

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